The Stone Carving Studio with Kate Semple

John Parsons Chisels, Messums and Wardour

At the beginning of July we met at John Parson’s workshop in the rolling Chalk Valley. He makes stone carving chisels by hand, and sells them across the world. We learnt a great deal about what is involved in making carving and masonry chisels, and were amazed by his induction forge that heated a thick bar of steel in a matter of seconds!

We then moved on to Messums gallery in Tisbury in their beautifully restored tithe barn. They had an exhibition of heads by an incredibly varied range of artists, from Roman to contemporary, a very good show portraying the same subject in so many forms.

It was a sweltering day, a few of us had the energy to go on to Wardour Castle to have a look round, and relax under the shade of the huge parkland trees there.