The Stone Carving Studio with Kate Semple

Kate feels extremely privileged to have worked with her hands for much of her adult life making sculpture and working stone. It has suited her practical and creative nature and has offered her the opportunity to design and make sculpture of every scale for both public spaces and private homes.

She particularly enjoys site specific projects and draws inspiration from the people and environment connected to the place where sculpture will be placed. Kate says “you have to look sideways at a subject, see it with fresh eyes to bring originality and life into a sculpture, I try to create a dialogue between myself as the artist, the material and the place.”

Kate has taken this idea further by creating Elysium Memorials where she collaborates with other artists to design and make artworks as unique memorials for the home and garden as an alternative to a headstone. Each one is a reflection of a life in the form of an artwork that can be kept and handed down through a family.

The teaching of stone carving and sculpture brings her great pleasure too, helping people to develop their skills and watching the pleasure they gain from working stone. Kate says “I try to adjust my teaching to the student’s needs, it’s incredible what beginners can achieve if guided well. My aim is to offer a warm welcome and clear step by step instruction to suit them”.

If you would like to contact Kate about her sculpture please email or ring her for a chat.

Tel: 07793581059
Visit: Elysium Memorials

Kate Semple Portrait