The Stone Carving Studio with Kate Semple

Find Your Creativity

class in progress-stone carving course-south west

Creativity is a gift we can all enjoy. Some are more creative than others, some have more talent than others, but if we explore ourselves and open our hearts, we all, every single one of us, have creativity within.

Finding an outlet to express that creativity can be more difficult. You have something burning inside, but can’t imagine how to find a way to set the ball rolling.

One of the best ways is to join a course or club in something you think you might enjoy. Not only do you learn from the tutors, you also begin to form a network of friends and colleagues who are interested in the same things and you feed off each other. I have really seen this happen in my own classes, where I have been teaching some people for over 15 years! It feels like a family that offers support and encouragement, and people look forward to seeing each other.

You may want to try several different things, by chatting to others you hear about the range of possibilities out there, and you can try those too.

My own creative pleasure is poetry. I belong to a couple of groups and have been on a course at the wonderful Ty Nwydd writing centre in Wales. I found it an intensely creative experience, and it really kick started me into my poetry.

We are very well blessed in the Frome area for creative businesses and courses. One of the best is The Glass Hub where you can learn all the glass making techniques from an amazing team of experienced glass makers.

I also love to go life drawing in my spare time (once Covid is done with) and my favourite place for that is the Drawing Centre  The classes are wonderful, and feel like a true creative shot in the arm.

To find good quality courses of every kind try Craft Courses. The Stone Carving Studio is proud to be on there too.

Now the possible end of lock down seems to be on the horizon, why not unleash your creativity and set it off with a class. I’d definitely recommend it!

The Glass Hub
Ty Nwydd