The Stone Carving Studio with Kate Semple

A Cracking Stone Carvers’ Day Out

We certainly know how to cram a lot into a day out at the Stone Carving Studio. We had a wonderful time recently, first at the beautiful gardens and sculpture park, ROCHE COURT. Then onto the awe inspiring, mystical and magical STONEHENGE.

Roche Court is a well kept secret just outside Salisbury. It is free to enter and open every day of the year. What’s more the quality of the sculpture on display is fantastic, a good broad range of contemporary work by many of Britain’s best sculptors of the C20. We are so lucky to be able to see such good quality art close by, without having to travel to London.

Some of us then went on to Stonehenge, where we enjoyed the exhibition in the new visitor centre, it gave a good explaination of all the ancient sites in the area. We then walked to the stones and chatted for hours, debating the different ways they could have lifted such enormous stones, and what the represent. Some of our carvers have a great knowledge of history, which really helped bring everything alive.